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Our long time experience and knowledge for more than 40 years in the Cyprus Real Estate market guarantees to you a safe transaction and best possible real estate options available today in Cyprus Properties.

We can help you find quality houses,villas,apartments and flats for sale or rent in Cyprus. The only thing we ask from our website visitors, is to fill the online property request form and we will reply back in less than 48 hours with various real estate options and suggestion.

Summarizing the past and the future of the Cyprus property market the last decades and the years to come:

The number of houses and structures was big, thus creating a relatively dense population mixture with regards the commercial developments. Throughout the decade of 1998 - 2008 development was growing at a good healthy pace. 

The events from the onset of the financial crisis started being felt in 2009. 

By 2012 like many other sectors of the economy the crisis had shown its effects. Luck of financing and drop in demand due to that fact, has led the Cyprus property market to a retreat. 

With the arrangements made between the Government of Cyprus and Eurogroup a support package was orchestrated for stabilizing the Cyprus Economy. The method of BAIL-IN was used for the first time worldwide hoping for a speedy recovery and return to growth as early as the beginning of 2017. 

Already the sector of real estate is recovering steadily and all seem to be heading well according to estimations and expectations.

According to experts the steady increase on the real estate prices is expected to continue until 2024. So now it is considered to be a good time to invest in a Location of high priority and value. Such investments always pay back the biggest returns.