Paphos Villas

The District of Pafos or Paphos 

 According to the philosopher Homer, Aphrodite was born out of the foamy waves on the island shores at a stunning outcrop of rocks that sit in the sea on the road to Paphos. The Trojan hero Agapinor founded the town and in Roman times, Paphos was the Capital of Cyprus. Today Paphos, is situated on the island's south west coast, is a busy town full of amenities, excellent shopping facilities, bars, restaurants and is also home to the country's second airport.

Pafos or Paphos harbor lies along side the town's ancient castle, it has a marina and water sports center and is lined with restaurants serving fresh fish and marine delicacies. Pafos or Paphos enjoys one of the largest concentrations of archaeological sites of any place in the World!

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